Sunday, 25 October 2009

Patrick Haines - Myth and History, The Bristol Gallery

Patrick Haines - At Rest - seen here

I blogged recently about a small bronze which was part of the Red Shift show hosted by The Collective First Bristol Group. My favourite piece was by sculptor, Patrick Haines, a small bronze of a dead bird discretely placed on a window sill. I read a review (thank you Marcus!) today of an exhibition in The Bristol Gallery called Myth and History in which Haines' work is represented. From the images on the website I found the small, intimate pieces really subtle and beautiful - I am not such a fan of the larger and more literally interpreted pieces.

Patrick Haines - King of All Birds - seen here
I'm very interested in the folk custom that informs The King of All Birds, another version of which is shown here, a wren house from St Fagan's National Museum of Wales near Cardiff.

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