Saturday, 17 October 2009

Origin: The London Craft Fair (part 1)

On Sunday afternoon, I went to week one of Origin at Somerset House - a showcase for exceptional contemporary craft organised by The Crafts Council. The fair runs over two weeks with a change over of makers on the middle Monday.

Helga Mogensen
My favourite maker of week one was Icelandic Jeweller, Helga Mogensen. These tiny chairs were placed on the floor of the stand against the back wall - very subtle and intriguing. Helga's jewellery is equally intriguing using found materials such as driftwood and panels of fish skin which has qualities very much like leather. Beautifully made and subtly conceived.

Helga Mogensen - Fire and Ice - seen here
I enjoyed seeing Naori Priestley's work again too. Naori had three pieces in Oriel Myrddin Gallery's Crafted - Contemporary Craft and Fine Art show earlier in the year. She had a few new pieces, witty and eccentric - I liked her embroidered shoe/socks - but alas I have no image!

Naori Priestley - Garda's Red Shoes - seen here
Oriel Myrddin Gallery will be a curating a show in spring 2010 which will include work from ceramic artist Mizuto Yamashita. Her charming, miniature scale townscapes and tiny ceramic buildings, cars and gardens are delicate and understated; reminiscent of invented childhood fantasy worlds.

Mizuyo Yamashita - seen here

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  1. Thankyou for posting these - I missed Origin this year and it is good to see some of the work - a lovely selection.


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