Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Eve Dent

Eve Dent - Fireplace 2000 seen here

I am really interested in the transfer or projection of identity from people to their possessions and their spaces, the idea of the 'ghost'; the way the object can be both infused with identity and subsume identity. There comes a point where the distinction between the the object and the user becomes unclear. In my own recent work I try to find and express the essential poetry of this relationship.
I have recently read the book White is for Witching by Helen Oyeyemi, a Gothic tale in which the family house becomes a malignly intentioned narrator and the spirits of its matriarchs begin to subsume their young descendant. It made me think about the extraordinary work of Cardiff based performance artist Eve Dent. 'Eve Dent installs her own body, hiding herself in the very fabric of buildings, going between the walls like a ghost, hovering between the spaces of the real and some other world that lies just behind it..." Sara Rees - seen here.
Eve Dent says of her own practice, "...I attempt to fit my body into the nooks, crannies or internal holes or cavities that exist with the architecture...This act of living entombment and incarceration I find both deeply fascinating and disturbing, mirroring my artistic concerns: the housing of the body in site; the rite of disappearance and loss; a vision of the sanctity and strangeness of bricks and mortar, anchored and mediated through a human presence, animating the hidden poetic life of a space" seen here.

Eve Dent - Anchorage 2002 seen here

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  1. was just looking for the above hand image - I'm looking at it on the wall, and I took the photo, recently posted an image of it with my shadow on, on flickr - as wanted to show it to a stranger doing similar stuff!!!


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