Thursday, 1 October 2009


Jonathan Anderson - Ground, seen here

The publicity for Oriel Wrecsam's programme of exhibitions came through the post today and this image really caught my attention, it is the work of Swansea based artist, Jonathan Anderson . It will be part of a group show called Ground which has been curated by Swansea artist and Senior Lecturer at Swansea Metropolitan University, Tim Davies. He has chosen 5 young artists from Swansea for the show. I like Jonathan Anderson's work very much, I enjoy the materiality of his pieces, he has an acute sensitivity to the process of making, but also to the archetypes and deep symbolism of his images.

Curator, Tim Davies has been an influential figure in Wales, the book Process: Exploration of the Work of Tim Davies published in 2002, documents his work and practice, through which "...he forges a balance between conceptual responses to political issues and a visual language which is essentially informed by an adherence to the semiotics of materials and experience " (seen here). Having been less visible lately as an artist, he now has a major solo exhibition due to open at Glynn Vivian Gallery in Swansea, Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

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