Saturday, 5 June 2010

Music for Dogs

Laurie Anderson - Music for Dogs - seen here

Yesterday, musician Laurie Anderson staged a concert outside the Sydney Opera House for dogs. Music for Dogs was especially arranged to suit canine sensibilities and she said it was the fulfilment of an ambition to look up during a concert and find the whole audience composed of dogs. Brilliant!

We had a canine choir here in Wales a couple of years ago, A Song For Swansea Jack, commissioned by Swansea based arts organisation, LOCWS International. Artist, Richard Higlett staged a performance by dogs in memory of the legendary Swansea Jack, a black Labrador who is said to have saved 29 folk from drowning in the sea in the 1930's.

This gives me an opportunity to feature my own lovely dog, Brock who was seen sporting an Adam Ant look at last week's opening of Rhôd in Carmarthenshire after interacting with some of the art. She used to enjoy yodeling along to a little harmonica, or a heartfelt pack howl - but she's really deaf now (possibly a result of her own incessant and anti-social barking habits!).

Brock - photo by Maya Bryden

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