Sunday, 6 June 2010

Louise Bourgeois at the Arnolfini

Louise Bourgeois - seen here

I was in Bristol this weekend, so I made a trip to the Arnolfini to have a look at a series of drawings by Louise Bourgeois that are currently showing at the gallery in response to a site specific drawing 'intervention' by Otto Zitko.

Louise Bourgeois - Je t'aime(detail) - seen here

The show is called Me, Myself and I and explores notions of relationships, intimacy and emotional engagement - "It is in the space between inner and outer worlds, which is also the space between people; the transitional space; that intimate relationships and creativity occur." D.W Winnicott.

Zitko's large scale drawings cover the interior walls and foyer of the gallery - dominating and all-present. Bourgeois' 2005 drawings Je t'aime are shown in a small room on the second floor, a framed series of 60 small works. Opposite these abstract pieces is one drawing from 1946 showing one person consuming another. Bourgeois described the Je t'aime drawings as being "...about the marking of time while waiting for someone special to arrive". What a debt we owe to this formidably intelligent woman, I was glad to have this little chance to say my farewell.

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  1. Ooh I hope I can get to see that show. Louise Bourgeois was one of my heroins. I was so sad to hear that she died last month.....she was such a prolific artist.....


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