Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Willie Doherty - Buried

Willie Doherty - Still from Buried - seen here

As soon as the snow has melted and I can travel again I'm heading off to Glynn Vivian Gallery in Swansea to see their latest show Buried by Willie Doherty. Irish artist, Doherty is showing a selection of films and photographs including a new film Buried, made and shown in context with an earlier film, Ghost Story.

Doherty has made work throughout his career that address The Troubles in Northern Ireland with particular reference to his witnessing of Bloody Sunday in 1972.

"...Doherty's focus on place, on the landscape which can no longer contain its histories and memories, avoids simple resolutions, acknowledging instead that long histories never die. In Doherty's work, the past is buried but ever present. Doherty's work blends fact and fiction, history and memory, and has an odd sense of timeless urgency - that these are concerns affecting us all, issues that will not go away." seen here


  1. Saw one of Doherty`s films at a Turner prize exhibition. Very disturbing. About Running. I may have seen two of them , but my memory fails once again. Perhaps, the other was an examination of the head of a man. Again, very, very thought provoking. I`d like to come to G.V. as well ? Up for an outing.


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