Thursday, 21 January 2010

Inside the Birdhouse

Kathryn Campbell Dodd - Poem House

In 2005 I began making a piece of work called Inside the Birdhouse which was originally shown at The Fire and Iron Gallery in Surrey and consequently travelled as part of an Arts Council of Wales project to non-gallery venues in Wales - here's a link to the website for the project. I began by commissioning a doll's house which I painted and lettered and then used as the setting for a strange little stop motion film peopled by my mother's collection of owl figurines (my profile pic is a still from the film) and animated by strange objects inspired and drawn from Welsh Halloween customs. The video was then installed within a white birdhouse into which you have to peep to view the film.

Kathryn Campbell Dodd - Inside the Birdhouse (installed with Economic Values 1 & 2)

In Crafts magazine last month (December 2009) I saw a lovely article about Beatrice Baumgartner and her stop-motion film La Maison OubliƩe which is also set within a doll's house. A really beautiful piece.

Beatrice Baumgartner - Crafts Magazine (December 2009)


  1. I love this dolls house - I saw it the other day and keep thinking about it.

  2. I really enjoy your work, thank you for the reintroduction.


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