Thursday, 7 January 2010

Steffan Jones-Hughes

Steffan Jones-Hughes - Narrative, 2008 - seen here

I mentioned Steffan Jones-Hughes as part of the show A Winter's Tale at Oriel Myrddin Gallery recently, and the more I get acquainted with his work the more I enjoy it. This little video is about a new body of work that he is working on called Perhaps Sometimes Magic Happens.

Steffan Jones-Hughes - Fragility, 2008 - seen here

Steffan Jones-Hughes - Lost and Found, 2008 - seen here

Steffan uses different media to make work; print and book works, found objects, drawings, paintings, installations. The images are folkloric, slightly dark, slightly disturbing. Language infuses everything.

Steffan Jones-Hughes - Tarnished, 2008 - seen here


  1. These are amazing. I especially love the eggs. Very inspiring, thanks for posting.

  2. I really love this work, I have just been looking back through your posts and Im glad I have discovered this!! amazing stuff , thanks for sharing xxx

  3. Thanks for comments! Do check out Steffan's blog too!


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