Friday, 15 January 2010

Delaine Le Bas: Witch Hunt

Delaine Le Bas - Witch Hunt - seen here

I'm looking forward to seeing Delaine Le Bas' Witch Hunt at Chapter in Cardiff in February. Delaine Le Bas works through a range of media to discuss issues about the 'outsider' in society. Although she has often been attributed an 'outsider artist' tag herself, she is infact a graduate of St. Martin's School of Art. Cathy Lomax says of her work "Delaine Le Bas's magpie practice encompasses painting, sculpture, film, embroidery, installation and well just about everything else in a crazy mixed media bricolage. Her Romany background is apparent in every flourish and twist but is never a forced point, integrating effortlessly within the fabric of her installations..."

Witch Hunt is "...a multimedia project comprising installation, performance and new music. For Chapter Gallery, Delaine will create new ecclesiastical structures reflecting the religious dimension of the Witch Hunt, and weave within them new work which explores the role of language in identifying the 'other..." seen here

Strange - I read about Delaine Le Bas just last night through her contribution to Paradise Lost, The First Roma Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2007. We are currently showing an exhibition called Once We Were Birds at the gallery by Tina Carr and Annemarie Schöne which documents their travels in Eastern Europe to visit Roma Communities and I was researching Roma artists. Then today - voila! - Chapter posted information about Witch Hunt...

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