Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Jonathan Anderson

Jonathan Anderson - Coal Dust Mandala - seen
I'm so pleased to find that Swansea based artist Jonathan Anderson has a new website. His work using coal dust continues as Coalodonia "...a subterranean nation...an internal, subconscious dark terrain. He mines for diamonds, but digs up coal." Peter Finnemore seen here.

The artist has utilised coal as a material in his work for the last two years; "Aware of the temptation to slip into cultural cliché, Anderson presents an ongoing poetic drift of marks and
symbols upon found objects including lining paper, cardboard, souvenir trinkets and bank-notes."
Tim Davies seen here.

Dark and elegant in their simplicity, Jonathan Anderson's works continue to deepen the complex archetypes they conjour.
Jonathan Anderson - Dark Bulb - seen here


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