Friday, 7 August 2009

Ruthin Craft Centre

Ruth Duckworth exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre

To round off our north Wales odyssey, we visited Ruthin Craft Centre. This was my third visit and it gets better each time. The newly designed building was opened in 2008 and is a serious space for showing international craft and applied art of the highest quality. The show in the largest of the three gallery spaces was a 90th birthday tribute to sculptor Ruth Duckworth. The curation was exceptional. This exquisite modernist work in the light, airy space of the gallery was really refreshing and the use of a large, wall-sized image of the works in the artist's house brought colour and personality to the formality of shapes. My photograph is a poor representation of a beautiful show.

In the third gallery space were a series of Mary Lloyd Jones pieces on fabric from the 1970's. I was really taken aback by their freshness and energy. I particularly liked this piece for the rough pleating detail in the centre.

Mary Lloyd Jones

We also met Becky Adams who is the artist in residence at Ruthin for the summer. I liked the sewn and collaged book she is working on.

Becky Adams

Becky had also been working with Ruthin children to produce a book of drawings and collages of their town - I loved this drawing.

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