Friday, 15 January 2010

Miss Flite's Birdcages

Fun Is Always In Style - Birdcage - seen here

I found this lovely project today through Flickr. I don't know the artist's name, but on Flickr she is Fun Is Always In Style and is based in California. The series of birdcages use reclaimed domestic objects and relate to the character Miss Flite, in Charles Dickens' Bleak House. Miss Flite is an elderly eccentric whose family has been destroyed by a long-running Chancery legal case through which she expects financial settlement. Somewhat unhinged by her obsessive fascination with the legal process, she owns a large number of little birds in cages which she says will be released "on the day of judgement". The birds have "...allegorical names like Hope, Youth, Beauty & Words, Confusion, Jargon, Plunder, Precedent, Despair, Ruin, Sheepskin, Spinach & Gammon to signify the consumption of all things by fruitless law cases." seen here

Fun Is Always In Style - Birdcage - seen here

Fun Is Always In Style - Birdcage - Seen here


  1. I have a near pathalogical aversion to bird cages. The Buddug Humphries piece in the gallery makes me shudder.
    However,Pauline Collins portrail of the batty Miss Flite in the recent T.V. dramatistaion of Bleak House was gorgeous. I remember the episode where she let all her birds free and I cried my eyes out.
    That characture who says` pull me up and shake me down... Too awful for words.`

  2. That was such a good series - I've got it on DVD, loved Gillian Anderson as Lady Dedlock - and horrible Mr Smallweed - urgh!


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