Saturday, 10 April 2010


Louise Burton, David Garner and Mark Folds - installation shot of Outsider

Last night was the opening of Oriel Myrddin Gallery's new exhibition Outsider, I've been looking forward to seeing the show installed. Originated by Oriel Myrddin Gallery and curated by our Gallery Manager, Meg Anthony, the show has a particular sensibility that reflects the ethos of the gallery but also the vision of Meg as a curator.

Outsider is an exhibition of works by eight contemporary artists either living, working or trained in Wales; Louise Burton, Carwyn Evans, Mark Folds, David Garner, Naomi Leake, Colin Mains, Emma Pearce and Gaia Persico.

The word "outsider" has many connotations and in the art world it carries extra meaning in the sense of the outsider (untrained) artist - but that is not the focus of this exhibition. In this context the outsider is an-other, not self, differentiated, separated, a stranger, the unconscious, an other place, that which troubles us or is forgotten. It is the feeling of standing outside the 'norm' that we all feel at some point and that some feel more keenly due to their particular circumstances.

Louise Burton - Imogen - Photo copyright Louise Burton

I'll post more about the work as the show progresses. It is privilege to work in a gallery like Oriel Myrddin, and have the opportunity for the show and the individual artists to work slowly on your thoughts and sensibilities as you inhabit the gallery together for the duration. Often your initial feelings about a piece unfold into further understandings. Sometimes the piece which stopped you dead on first contact leaves you unmoved by the close. Sometimes the subtle interactions and interventions of the curation and the space bring about new perspectives. Often the business of getting the show together, hung and promoted leaves you too close to the work to be objective, a bit of time to digest always pays off.

More images on Oriel Myrddin Gallery's Flickr page.

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