Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Emma Pearce

Emma Pearce - Pocket Drawings

Swansea based Emma Pearce is showing two works as part of Outsider at Oriel Myrddin Gallery. Her Pocket Drawings are the crumpled, worn receipts and paper scraps that lurk in the bottom of handbags and pockets; that collect the dye from our clothing and the dust and dirt from our everyday lives. Framed under glass, the usually over-looked detritus of the day becomes delicate, intimate art objects.

Emma Pearce - Drawing Apparatus

Drawing Apparatus is a collection of wooden rings, incorporating pencils in different configurations which fit onto the fingers. The idea is that the restriction on the body effects the quality of the mark making.

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  1. Lovely....I like to think that beautiful delicate work as Emily Pearces slows us down to our quiet selves for less clumpsy plodding.


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