Thursday, 1 April 2010


Cross-fire from Studio Mrmann on Vimeo.

This fascinating film is part of the Future Craft Exposition which, in turn is the result of a five year research project, Past, Present & Future Craft Practice (PPFCP), based at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design at University of Dundee. "The project explores new directions, practices and perspectives in contemporary craft with an ultimate goal of defining a new relevance for craft in the 21st century."

The film is directed by Geoffrey Mann and produced by Chris Labrooy:

"The focus of Cross-fire was to examine the intangible characteristic of the spoken word and investigate the unseen affect of sound upon its inhabited environment.

The project centralizes around the context of a domestic argument. In this case the event samples an audio excerpt from the 1999 Sam Mendes Film ‘American Beauty’. The slow building dialogue between the three central characters family dinner climaxes with a sound clash of emotions. The cross-fire of the argument traverses the dinning table but where previously the inanimate everyday objects such as plates, cutlery, teapot etc were unable to express their character, the intensity of the conversation deforms their once static existence into objects of unseen familiarity. "

Cross-fire (resin 'Sound Artefacts' from the project) - seen here

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  1. A fantastic post, thank you, it is embarasing that I didn't know about what's on my doorstep. Reminds me of the designers who were trying to make domestic impliments such as kettles etc respond to our mood.


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