Friday, 5 March 2010

Milkwood Gallery

Kathryn Campbell Dodd - Birthday Chair and Poem House

Louise West - Common Birds

I went down to Cardiff last night for the opening of the show I am sharing with textile designer, Louise West. It's at the Milkwood Gallery in Roath. The gallery is a fairly new venture set up by Gail Howard and Helen Gubb (lovely people). I was so pleased with the way they hung the work, it looks fantastic. The gallery is a really great space, part shop, part gallery, part artist project space. The shop is delightful; vintage rubbing shoulders with contemporary design, clothes, housewares, books - a real 'flea market' feel. There are two gallery spaces, and in the basement a space which has been given over to selected artists to make and show work.

The current project by a young graduate named Marius Grainger Not Drowning But Waving was also opened last night, he's an very interesting artist. He works with fabrics, clay and found objects; this show confronts issues of loss and death and the idea of the shrine. Very interesting to see a such young man using very feminine techniques in his practice, if I had not met him I think I would of assumed he was a woman, an older woman actually. That's so heartening - it is a wonderful thing when gender stops being a barrier to materials and techniques.

I'm really pleased to have been asked to show at the gallery and interested to see how the space develops in the future.

Marius Grainger - from Not Drowning, But Waving


  1. It is a dutch tradition to have your chair decorated on your birthday. A custom passed on to my brother and nephews by my sister in law. Got me thinking of older rituals of who sat where and why, notions of place and occaision.
    Amazing exhibition Kathryn. I am in awe of your practice.

  2. Congratulations on your show!... your work looks perfect in that space.. I love the bone white on white. Louise West's birds look beautiful too.


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