Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Elisa D'Arrigo

Elisa D'Arrigo - White Shadows (2) - seen here

Thanks to Robyn Gordon for introducing me to New York City artist Elisa D'Arrigo. I like these cloth and paper constructions. The separate patches are laminated and stiffened with various media then sewn together. The process of accretion in the making of each piece is used by the artist to bring physical form to a specific personal memory. There are also many other references layered into the work from sewn artifacts and ceramic processes to byzantine mosaics. The works are unplanned and an attitude of mindfulness to the vagaries of the making allows a spontaneity and responsiveness to the materials which brings a satisfying sense of rhythm and cohesion to the finished objects.

Elisa D'Arrigo - Time and Time Again - seen here

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  1. I love these, amazing how the stitching changes the form so much, very like modern sashiko. Wonderful. Thanks


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