Sunday, 5 July 2009

Coalodonia - Jonathan Anderson

The last thing I bought for myself was from the Crafted - Contemporary Craft and Fine Art show at Oriel Myrddin Gallery. I was sold as soon as we unwrapped the work that had come in for the hang; a set of drawings, Coal Dust Mandala by Swansea based artist Jonathan Anderson. I was arrested (i.e: taken into custody and marched to the cash machine) by a simple framed drawing made from sparkling coaldust of a cottage/house/bothy. Reduced to its most basic elements the image becomes iconic; archetypal. This is the house I live in.

When I met Johnathan later, I found out that he comes from the north east of Scotland, a few miles from the town where my father's family came from. A scotsman living in Swansea. So that was that - too uncanny to ignore (uncanny/unheimlich - that's ironic -an unhome-ly house).

This is the series in situ in the gallery.

Jonathan also makes beautiful drawings contained within matchboxes - intimate and precious.

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