Friday, 24 July 2009

Claire Coles and Bettina Bereś

Claire Coles table - seen here

Bettina Bereś, Oil on canvas - seen here
I went into my studio today and spent a little time just looking around at all the little things placed as inspiration or saved in boxes. Tucked behind the electric cable on the wall there have been two invitation cards - one from Llantarnam Grange in Cwmbran and one from Oriel Davies Gallery in Newtown. They've lived up close there for a year or so talking to one another and in my mind they've fused together. The Bettina Bereś image is not the same as the invitation card - but I've been looking at it today and decided I like it even more.
Both these images have opened up questions in my mind about the function of furniture - especially chairs - and the place they hold in our psyche. I've made a few furniture pieces myself recently to think about it further.

Kathryn Campbell Dodd 'Economic Values 1 & 2' 2009

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