Sunday, 13 March 2011

Make Room

Sarah Rees - Das Unheimliche - seen here

I popped along to the opening of Make Room at Milkwood Gallery in Cardiff last night, one in a series of shows in the capital celebrating International Women's Day. Milkwood Gallery, both a lovely shop stocking vintage and contemporary design and a gallery, are doing good things with their space in Roath, including giving artists a residency space in their ongoing Basement Project.

I particularly liked this piece by Cardiff based Sara Rees made as part of a project with The Welsh School of Architectural Glass in Swansea in conjunction with The Leverhulme Trust. Her artist profile for the show states her themes as "...late-capitalism, psychology and the on-going exploration of the interface between nature and civilisation." Placed on the floor inside an under stairs cupboard the work explores Freud's theme of the uncanny - the un-homely house; the piece is lit from within to reveal a tangle of plant life within its sleek glass form.

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  1. I quite like the irony of this piece. The idea that plant life is contained within a glass house. It seems especially relevant as we watch the devastation in Japan, and how the houses have been all consumed by Nature and destroyed by Nature. Its an interesting piece, and it looks beautiful, if not a little to poignant.


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