Friday, 11 March 2011

The Jerwood Drawing Prize

Lindsay Sekulowicz - Mid-autumn tiger

The Jerwood Drawing Prize is now open at Oriel Myrddin Gallery, it's very exciting to have this prestigious show here in Carmarthen. The selection is incredibly varied, the natural reaction whilst looking at the works is to chose your favourite, and we have set up a box where you can do just that. It's a tough choice, and I have a feeling my allegiances will change over the duration of the show, but at the moment I like this small drawing by Lindsay Sekulowicz...but I also like the tea table by Cadi Froehlich...

Here's a link to the catalogue.

Cadi Froehlich - Untitled (tea table) - seen here


  1. I came in on Monday and was unable to fill in the form. Too many choices jostling to be a favourite. One the day it was probably Julie Cockburn but when I come in again , who knows?

  2. I like the look of Lindsay S's drawing and will go now to have a good peruse of the catalogue,
    How are you these days Kathryn?

  3. That's how I feel! Glad you've been in to see the show. Must agree with you on Julie Cockburn - fantastic piece of work...

  4. Hi Sandra, thanks for dropping by! I'm good, things are going well - still moving forward with Absent But Not Forgotten and I have a few other things in the pipeline. How about you? How's things going over there?


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