Saturday, 2 October 2010

Jerwood Drawing Prize 2010

Virginia VerranSpace (signal) [detail], Pens on canvas, 76 x 62 cm 

Cadi Froehlich -Untitled (tea table), Side table, hot drink rings, 50 x 50 x 50 cm

The winners of the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2010 were announced this week, the selectors this year were Charles Darwent, Art Critic, Independent on Sunday; Jenni Lomax, Director of the Camden Arts Centre and Emma Talbot, artist.

The winner is Victoria Verran for her pen on canvas drawing, Space (signal), this is her description of her work:

‘Intuitions · layers · planes · demarcations · nations · symbols · threats · bombardments · pointings · ponds · settlements · migrations · repetitions.'

The 2nd Prize went to Cadi Froehlich, she says: 

Untitled (tea table) has evolved from a process of work looking at what was, what isn’t and what could be. Mindful of the passing of time and the potential of the future, this period of work has questioned the reality of the now. Evoking moments spent, lost or yearned for, the table bears the marks that illustrate meetings, conversations and quiet contemplations spent over a cup of tea. The format of the drinking and the style of cup changes, as does the purpose, aim or hope in the moment of the drinking.’

These works along with the other 70 shortlisted pieces will be shown at Jerwood Space in London from 29 September to 7 November 2010. Oriel Myrddin Gallery will host the touring show in March 2011.


  1. What lovely work especially the hot drink rings!

  2. Yes - great isn't it! Can't wait to see all the work...


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