Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Anna Lewis

Anna Lewis' studio - seen here

Anna Lewis - Myth series - seen here

I went to visit jeweller Anna Lewis in her Swansea studio yesterday. Anna is one of the makers showing with Oriel Myrddin Gallery in our winter show, LUX. We had a look at some of her new work, lovely one-off pieces using found and salvaged objects and jewellery. We've chosen a collection of work that will compliment the pieces we'll be showing from London designers James Plumb - and serendipitously, it turned out that they had already worked with Anna on a photographic shoot recently! Anna has been involved with styling and production projects recently along with collaborator, fashion photographer Elliot Davies - together they are called Seven Everything. 

Anna Lewis/Elliot Davies - Pica Pica - seen here
Anna Lewis/Elliot Davies - The Hunted - seen here

Anna Lewis/Elliot Davies - Fragmentation - seen here


  1. Really interesting, when and where are you showing with James Plumb? I have only recently found out about his work, it looks wonderful. I would love to see you all together.

  2. Thanks! The show is called 'LUX' and it will open at Oriel Myrddin Gallery in Carmarthen on 6 November. I am not showing my work, but I have curated the show. Here's a link http://www.orielmyrddingallery.co.uk/exhibitions.html

    I'll post more about the show soon...


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