Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Fibre Art Wales

Louise Bird - Black Hole of Carmarthen - seen here

I am delighted that I have just been selected to join Fibre Art Wales, a group of professional artists working in Wales "...with the aim of raising the profile of Welsh contemporary fibre art, to educate and stimulate the public regarding new developments and challenges in the current visual fibre art climate".

It is an energetic group with an strong exhibiting presence, and I hope to be able to show in the next exhibition coming up at the National Botanic Gardens in Carmarthenshire.

Here is work from a few of my new colleagues!

Ruth Harries - The Path - seen here

Michelle Griffiths - Endogenus series (Neurons) - seen here

Alison Mercer - Babygrow No: 8 - seen here

Laura Thomas - Haze - seen here

Ruth McLees - Pixel Girl 1 - seen here


  1. congratulations on your selection.

    i had to google up a video of The Black Hole of Carmarthen coz it was blowing my mind a little bit, simple idea that worked brilliantly.

  2. Thanks Bumpo! Glad you took time to look at the video of Louise's work - really interesting artist.

  3. malheureusement je ne comprends pas assez l'anglais pour tout comprendre
    cependant le travail de Louise Bird me parle
    je viens moi aussi de rejoindre un collectif d'artistes textile : Fiber Art Fever
    je pratique un crochet sauvage et expressif
    je me régale à parcourir votre blog

  4. Je vous remercie de ses observations, je suis heureux que vous appréciez le blog. Louise oiseau est un très bon artiste, je suis heureux que vous portent à son travail. Votre groupe textile ont un site web?


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