Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Dartboard for Witches: Contemporary work in textiles

Naori Priestly - Gerda's Red Shoes - seen here

I am really looking forward to seeing the new show at Aberystwyth Arts Centre which opens on 23 July. The Dartboard for Witches is an exhibition of work which uses textiles as part of fine art practice. The title for the show comes from the Sylvia Plath poem, Witch Burning.

The image above is of work by Naori Priestly, these lovely knitted shoes were also in a show curated by Oriel Myrddin Gallery - Crafted: Contemporary craft and fine art in 2009.

Here is the exhibition information: "Textile is a material with strong associations. It is our second skin for most of the day, so consciously or not we all have an intimate knowledge of it as a material - how it folds, how it feels. The very familiarity and association of textiles with the everyday domestic has in the past made it difficult to see it used as a serious material for artworks. But in recent years, artists have cut textiles loose from the limitations of domestic and decorative use - wonderful as these are - to explore the material's wider possibilities in carrying meaning. This exhibition brings together works by artists who use textile methods and materials in their fine art practice, often in unexpected ways, with the focus on the human figure."

Artists include: Laura Ford, Caren Garfen, Rosie James, Mary Lloyd Jones, Doug Jones, Elaine Wilson, Natasha Kerr, Shizuko Kimura, Becky Knight, Jane McKeating, Tabitha Kyoko Moses, Clyde Olliver, Naori Priestley, Silja Puranen, Lynn Setterington, Sue Stone and Rosalind Wyatt.

Here is the exhibition catalogue:

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  1. Yes, I'm looking forward to this exhibition too! There are some artists involved whose work I know well. Others are completely unknown to me, such as Naori and that's the most exciting thing of all.


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