Monday, 10 September 2012

Spirit of Things

Yoriko Murayama - seen here

I like the look of the next exhibition at Flow Gallery in London's Notting Hill - Spirit of Things: Crosscurrents between Japanese and Finnish Crafts. Gallery owner, Yvonna Demczynska says of the show: "I have travelled to both Japan and Finland and from these trips I have often wondered why the two cultures share the same spirit of simplicity, organic formations and pared down essence in the objects they create"Artist's Include: Akiko Hirai, Anelma Savolainen, Anna Maria Väätäinen, Chioyoko Tanaka,  Hisako Sekijima, Kati Tuominen-Niittylä, Kristina Riska, Ritsuko Jinnouchi, Ulla Maija Vikman, Yoriko Murayama, Yoshimura Toshiharu. The show runs from 12 September - 10 November.


  1. Oh I love this fragile little houses!

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