Sunday, 22 April 2012

SOFA New York 2012

Walter Keeler - Image by Dewi Tannant Lloyd

I am in New York at the moment visiting SOFA - The Sculpture Objects and Functional Art Fair - being held in the Park Avenue Armory for 20 - 23 April. I am here as part of a research delegation of Welsh craft galleries who are accompanying and assisting Ruthin Craft Centre who have a stand here this year.

Ruthin Craft Centre are representing the work of potter and ceramicist, Walter Keeler and textile artists, Eleri Mills. We are writing a dedicated blog for the initiative - I do hope you'll visit!


  1. It is nice to meet you. My brother is Troy Howell of Virginia, U.S.A. ... artist/children's book author of recent 'The Dragon of Cripple Creek'. He illustrated the American jacket covers for all seventeen books in the 'Redwall' series by Brian Jacques of U.K. which, sadly Brian passed away a year ago last spring.
    I am in central California and in our city we have an art event in the winter titled SOFA which is a spoof on the New York event, as all of the artist who participate actually, literally, create artwork to do with couches, sofa's, etc. It has been quite a hilarious event. I felt like submitting a bean bag chair shaped like a potato with sprouted leaves and a pocket for the T.V. remote and call it a 'potato couch' instead of a 'couch potato' get my drift of how silly things could become. Anyway, yes my brother did a book signing for his book in New York last spring when it initially came out. Just shooting the breeze here. Your blog is very lovely.
    Teresa in California

  2. Blogs Looking Good. Hope NY was wonderful.
    Hope to catch up soon. Helen X


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