Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lost in Lace

Lost in Lace at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery

I managed to get to see Lost in Lace at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery before if closed at the weekend. This major show was curated by Lesley Miller, one of the speakers at Oriel Myrddin Gallery's warp+weft Symposium in 2010.

The exhibition brought together 20 international artists and makers to think about the qualities and properties of lace and to play with these contexts in relation to the architectural space of the gallery.

Chiharu Shiota - After the Dream 201

The show included an installation by Berlin based artist Chiharu Shiota using her distinctive black-string installation technique which en-traps objects in its web of lines and space, in this case long, white dresses which seem to hover, ghost-like above the ground.

There is a dedicated website for the show which has information about the ideas behind the show and the artists involved.

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