Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Project Object

I'm very excited that our new series of shows at Oriel Myrddin Gallery has opened - under the banner of Project Object, we have invited four artists; Peter Finnemore, Carwyn Evans, Becky Adams and Jools Johnson to occupy the gallery space with special objects that evoke intruiging stories. Using objects both personal and particular and a spirit of experiment and happen-stance, each of this artist-led series will develop differently.

I've started a sister blog to document Project Object - I hope you might visit and follow to keep up to date with everything that's happening over the next 8 weeks.

Carwyn Evans: Altro 19 - 30 April. Working with material unearthed from his father's land in Newcastle Emlyn, Carwyn Evans 'purifies' it, eradicating any sense of place, identity or culture from the material so that it can only be seen as ‘stuff’, dislocated from notions of culture and mother or fatherland.

Peter Finnemore: Groove 4 - 14 May. Peter Finnemore has collected 45 rpm vinyl records for many years, focusing his collection on those that relate to Wales. Seeing his records as democratic markers of cultural history, as ‘vinyl bones’, and as vernacular folk art, many of them relate specifically to Carmarthen.

Becky Adams: Memento 17 May – 4 June. What compels us to keep objects, hoard objects, covet objects? An exploration into the emotional connection and history attached to personal objects, Becky Adams throws light on the personal stories attached to seemingly benign objects and creates a visual library that documents memory, recollection and personal story.

Jools Johnson: Aurora 7 – 18 June. Jools Johnson manipulates recycled computer materials to create artworks that resemble futuristic constructions and miniature cities. Recent installations create unsettling atmospheres and ethereal backdrops for new architectural models that articulate fundamental questions about our own existence.

Project Object: Collect
7 May – 4 June. Carmarthen Museum in Abergwili houses the county’s collection of treasured archaeology, social artefact and artworks. The museum have kindly loaned a small selection of items as part of Project Object. The gallery would like you to loan a significant object of your own to be shown alongside in the studio space during the show so that we can create our own living museum of special things.

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