Sunday, 9 January 2011

Avi Allen: Always A Little Anxious

Avi Allen - Always A Little Anxious

I went to Theatr Mwldan Gallery in Cardigan last night to the opening of a show by Avi Allen, Always A Little Anxious. The first time I saw Avi's work was in the National Eisteddfod a couple of years back, a lovely set of drawings of animal paws; really sensitive and tender. Avi's use of space, isolating her drawings in an expanse of white accentuates the feeling of tenderness and focus. Drawing is at the heart of her practice, she sees it as a vehicle and a space for conversation. 

Avi Allen - seen on Facebook

For this show, the artist has taken a theme of animal trophies as her subject, she says: "I am interested in the complex relationship between humans and animals and am currently exploring the phenomenon of displaying dead trophy animals. Can trophy displays memorialise the beauty of nature? Or is it a process which serves to promote, maintain and normalise the objectification and normalisation of animal as other?"

As well as using drawing and collage, the artist also includes two video pieces which further explore the subject matter. I found the content quite disturbing, I am personally very sensitive to the suffering of animals. I found it a challenging show on that level. I do like Avi's technique however, her use of drawing is refreshing and distinctive.


  1. Have to be in Cardigan tomorrow so I shall make a point of seeing this. Sounds intriguing and maybe slightly challenging. Lesley

  2. Hi Lesley! Brilliant! Do let me know what you think...K


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