Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Collect 2010

Collect 2010 international art fair for contemporary objects was held at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea for the second year over the weekend. I really enjoy the event, it's great to get this international perspective on craft objects. I'm not terribly keen on the Saatchi Gallery as a venue for the fair, the grand vision of the space is quite hard edged and somehow felt at odds with the intimacy of looking at beautifully crafted work. The event is unashamedly about selling however, and the work is expensive - so perhaps the Saatchi venue ultimately lends a bit of a hard-sell business edge to the proceedings. Being a complete pauper however, I am in no danger of being seduced into buying, so I am free to simply enjoy the work in and of itself!

Iris Eichenberg - Tranenmeer - seen here

One of the galleries that has stayed in my mind is Galerie Louise Smit based in Amsterdam. I liked a number of the makers, especially a very conceptual collection, Pink years later by Iris Eichenberg. Influenced, I would imagine by Louise Bourgeois, the work teeters between sexiness and repulsiveness using materials like fleshy pink plastic, gold, copper-plated silver, wool, rose quartz, tiny beads, ladies tights and girly ribbons. The elegant woman manning the stand showed us how to wear the pieces; with her elegant slim neck she could make a pair of flesh colour tights look amazingly glamorous!

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