Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Pembrokeshire Open Art Exhibition

The Pembrokeshire Open 2010

I went with my friend Louise Bird to the opening of The Pembrokeshire Open Art Exhibition last Saturday. It is a new annual open competition for emerging and established artists showing at the Joanna Field Gallery at the Torch Theatre, Milford Haven.

Louise was chosen for the show with Iota, a 260 metre crocheted fishing line piece which was installed on the upper floor, a good spot which utilised the natural light and views across the harbour.

Louise Bird - Iota - reflected in the windows of the Torch Theatre - seen here

My own choice of winner would have been Amanda Benson, a London based artist who was showing two small pieces of sculpture commenting on luxury property.

Amanda Benson - Holiday Home St. Pere de Ribes - seen here

"Running simultaneously with and counter to the vogue for property make-overs Amanda Benson presents Dreamhomes that, although they have their origins in California or Nantucket, are constructed from the primitive materials to be found to hand in a Hackney artist's studio. The gap between Jackie O or Elvis' mansion and the plasticine and cardboard re-interpretations express both a grand and poignant wish-fulfillment and the basic human need for shelter common to both. The everyday materials make up delicate and beautiful structures that pique our imagination, let us re-build the lives of the rich and/or famous in our own image and with whatever means are at our disposal." seen here


  1. The Iota is 13 lengths of 20 metres, thats 260 metres in all! Note to self... work smaller.

  2. Arghh! Sorry Lou! slip of the keyboard (now ammended)!!


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